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Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday quickie

How do you know when a story is good and not merely OK, decent, or just plain solid?  Is it something that exists in part or whole in every such story, or is it something that depends heavily on each individual story?

Just curious to know your thoughts.  Need to crash.  Long day ahead of me when I awake in a few hours.


Bill said...

There has to be a certain aspect that is unique to the story, multiple dynamic characters, and an emotional draw. It should be well written enough that I am not jarred from the fantasy.

Those factors have to be woven together in a spiderweb that is reasonable, entertaining and not entirely predictable.

(Though if the dialogue and prose are superb, it's allowed to be mildly predictable.)

D said...

The story must contain magic and should speak to one's heart.

Harry Markov said...

It is not something I can say with a great amount of detail: I just feel very warm and giddy inside, when the story is amazing + if I can recall it, then it is good. My memory is so short, something needs to have a huge impact on me. So here is another criteria.

Unknown said...

Well, I consider a story good if it makes me seriously think about whatever it's talking about or it makes me feel something profound (maybe I'm happy when I've finished, because the narrative had a cool plot and nifty characters, or maybe I laughed, or I cried, or whatever).

I think there's more differentiation, though. There are a lot of good books, but there are few great ones. Great books are ones you can't put down and have the potential to change literature in general (my best example is Harry Potter, but I would also attribute the same to 1984 and a lot of other interesting books).

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