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Thursday, September 13, 2012

D&D Sonnet #2

OK, after finally finishing the Dragonlance:  Legends trilogy yesterday, I fulfilled my promise to my "dark muse" to write a sonnet-style poem describing my reaction.  Needless to say, it may be on par with the level of writing within that Weis and Hickman trilogy (putrid), but it might also contain some amusing lines (as I suppose the trilogy did at times, at least for others).  So here goes:

O Dark Muse, to me the cause of such grief,
I sing of the terrible Dragonlance.
Naively I began with the belief
That it won't be too dire for remembrance.
O how you must now laugh cruelly at me
For daring to hope that I could enjoy
That wretchèd fantasy called D&D.
Raistlin Majere's evil, without alloy,
Provided the only real, true intrigue;
The others were dull and devoid of life.
By trilogy's end I felt great fatigue
I wished for surcease from this putrid strife.

     I now may sound like an ungrateful churl,
      But next time, feed me to a rabid squirrel.

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Very good!

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