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Sunday, September 16, 2012

The diversity/sadism of this blog's readership continues to amaze me

First of all, thanks to everyone who over the last week voted on the poll that D/Dunja posted regarding what should be this blog's focus.  It certainly was fun seeing how people voted here.  True, some were drawn by the Twitter link and the glee that some got there from the possibility that the top choices could be paranormal romance, D&D novels, and YA fiction.  Yet others seem to have motives other than sadistic humor in voting.  The end result was a very close grouping of most of the choices.  For those who only see the RSS feeds and not the actual poll, here are the results below:

paranormal romance
  14 (31%)
  5 (11%)
picture books
  1 (2%)
D&D novels
  9 (20%)
graphic novels
  10 (22%)
YA books
  7 (15%)
art books
  5 (11%)
fine fine literature
  13 (29%)
surreal and weird books
  16 (36%)
fantasy novels
  13 (29%)
  13 (29%)

Very close, but it seems that a few more of you want this blog to focus more on surreal and weird books (many of which I review over at Weird Fiction Review; going to try to catch up on my past-due assignments shortly, provided my irregular work schedule doesn't get in the way) than on paranormal romance (which I have reviewed lately, I'll admit), fine fine literature (which also has been reviewed lately),  tentacles! (which is more Dunja's province than mine), fantasy novels (I suppose I could review a few more - should I finish reviewing those last few Steven Erikson/Ian Cameron Esslemont Malazan novels?), and so forth.  But the closeness of most of the categories (allowing that multiple categories could be voted on) was interesting.  With the possible exception of tentacles!, I think I have reviewed every other category listed at least once in this blog's eight-year existence. 

So maybe there'll be a mixture of most of the above categories over the next several months?  I know I can't please everyone (or sometimes, anyone) with what I choose to cover/review, but hopefully a mixture of divers genres will continue to be of interest to the majority of you.  Oh, by the way, I'm going to write my first music review sometime this week or next, depending on job/interview demands and whether or not my first niece is born this week or next.

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