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Saturday, September 15, 2012

What I see, what some others see, and what still others see

R.A. Salvatore, The Crystal Shard

What some see:  A familiar D&D adventure, with a barbarian, dwarf, and drow trio ready to embark on adventure.

What some others see:  Yet another example of poor '80s cover art.

What I see:  What the hell is a wolf head doing on that dude's chest?

What publishers saw:  A fitting D&D adventure cover that should let D&D fans know that there's yet another tie-in novel to buy.

Jon Sprunk, Shadow's Son

What some see:  An assassin!  Must mean some adventure is involved!

What others see:  Ugh.  Another hooded dude.  Dime a dozen.

What I see:  What in the world is that greenish-ghosty woman doing and why does she have that silly look on her face?

What publishers see:  If they liked Author X's tale of hooded assassin-mage, then they'll be drawn to this one.

Lauren Kate, Fallen

What some see:  Hey, this looks just like a Twilight novel!  I bet there's a touching love story inside!

What others see:  Hey, this looks just like a Twilight novel!  I bet it sucks werewolf man-teats!

What I see:  How come she's crying instead of holding some apple, pomegranate, or other sappy fruit?

What publishers see: $$$

Brian Evenson, Altmann's Tongue

What some see:  What a boring cover!  Why isn't there a catchy cover?

What others see:  Hey, this understated cover might mean that there's some good writing inside!

What I see:  It's Brian Evenson, one of the few authors I buy sight-unseen, or close to it.

What publishers see:  It's for those who think the covers above suck, so maybe we'll see through the first printing someday.

John Norman, Hunters of Gor

What some see:  OMG!  NIPPLES! *moment of squeeing*  Gotta read this! *faps*

What others see:  The hell?  Who lets this misogynistic crap be published?

What I see:  The cover is offensive, yes, but what sort of face is that dude making?  He looks like a Robin Hood/faux-samurai cosplay idiot who is dragging his blow-up doll through a misty swamp.

What publishers see:  Well, we know it's cheesy, if not downright offensive, but believe it or not, there are some horndogs out there that buy this crap.

Yoko Ogawa, The Housekeeper and the Professor

What some see:  Cherry blossoms?  Must be chick-lit, yuck.

What others see:  Hrmm...interesting.  Blossoms and math symbols?  Could be good, I suppose.

What I see:  Intriguing mix of images, plus the Paul Auster quote is intriguing.

What publishers see:  It's for the smart set.  It will all depend on which of the bon ton read it if it's going to sell well.

Rabid Squirrel, Paradise Lost

What some see:  Stupid squirrel.  I wonder what'll happen if I throw nuts at it? *is then bitten and infected with rabies*

What others see:  Aw!  A squirrel!  It's so cute!  I wonder if it'll take a nut from my hand? *is then bitten and infected with rabies*

What I see:  Spies sent to make sure that I am being well-behaved.  *leaves them nuts, then manages to escape contracting rabies for a while longer*

What publishers see:  Dammit!  I guess we should have published their manuscript translation of Paradise Lost, shouldn't we?  *barricades set up in a futile hope to avoid the pending squirrelpocalypse*


Edward Ott said...

LOL, that was brilliant.

Larry Nolen said...

Thanks :D

But do be careful of the squirrels you see. They are everywhere ;)

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