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Sunday, January 27, 2013

A list of what literary genres I will read/review

Saw via Cheryl Morgan earlier tonight a post made at Warpcore SF (where I'm not listed, but perhaps that's because I'm considered to be more of a "literary" reviewer than a "SF/F" one these days?) that listed various subgenres that various reviewers would read/review.  I thought it might be interesting to a few to list that I do read (and occasionally review), in order of preference:

1.  Translated literary fiction
2.  Spanish-language literary fiction
3.  Portuguese-language Steampunk/Dark Fantasy/Horror/Weird Fiction (some works straddle most of these divisions)
4.  Spanish-language SF/F/Steampunk
5.  Literary fiction
6.  Weird Fiction
7.  Italian-language fiction, all forms
8.  French-language fiction, all forms
9.  Short Fiction Collections/Anthologies
10. Squirrelpunk
11. Historical fictions
12. Horror
13. "Postmodernist" narratives
14. Anglo-American Steampunk
15. Non-Paranormal Romance Urban Fantasies of the pre-2000 version of it
16. William Shatner writings
17. Biographies
18. Non-epic fantasies
19. Science Fiction of the Le Guin variety
20. Danny Bonaduce memoirs
21. Graphic Novels
22.  Epic Fantasies
23.  Epic Fantasies involving llamas
24.  YA
25.  Graphic Novels
26.  Squirrel-penned philosophical works
27.  Histories (OK, this is really much higher, but I burned out back in 1997, so it's hard for me to admit still that I'll read them on occasion)
28.  Mysteries/Crime fiction
29.  Squirrel erotica

There, I hope that clears things up for anyone who might want to get in touch with me for review purposes...especially those purveyors of squirrel smut.

P.S.  As for "self-published" works, only in cases where I know the writer before s/he asks me to review their work.  I've done this on a few occasions, most recently reviewing K.J. Bishop's self-published story collection, but I don't plan on making a regular habit of this outside of the works being by authors with whom I'm at least somewhat familiar.

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