The OF Blog: Calling on all Lusophone and Hispanophone writers (and those who write in English from non-Anglophone countries)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Calling on all Lusophone and Hispanophone writers (and those who write in English from non-Anglophone countries)

Non-Anglophone authors. . .

It does have a nicer ring to it, I agree. . . But it doesn't change the fact that it's synonymous with "not-published in English writers." You can sugarcoat it any way you like, it means that you published something through a non US/UK press or something similar. You can call a squirrel an assassin tree rodent, but she's still a squirrel. One might prefer to be called an adult entertainment performer, yet he or she remains a pornstar. Ask anyone working at The Home Depot or Walmart if they're proud to be an associate instead of an employee and they'll give you the finger.
So non-Anglophone author or failing to write in English-writer amounts to the exact same thing. Like many SFF online reviewers, I refuse to read any work not published in English. There is enough crap out there that nevertheless went through the normal publishing process that I have no time to waste on something that wasn't good enough to attract the attention of an agent and then go through the usual editing process.
Eh, screw that condescending crap that comes from people like this.   I'm a reader who enjoys discovering new writers, especially those writing in Portuguese or Spanish (preference given to steampunk or weird/experimental fictions, but I will read most things outside of romances/paranormal romances, which I have not enjoyed in the past).  If you have available in e-book format (print books are expensive to import, but I may give a few a try months from now when I have more money to spend $40-80 importing two books) an individual work and/or anthology that was originally published in Spanish or Portuguese (I can read some Italian and French and a tiny bit of Serbian and Romanian, but I'm much more comfortable with Spanish or Portuguese), feel free to describe your work in the comments below (or contact me on Twitter; I don't bite...only the squirrels do), with a note if it's available in the US in e-book format.  Puedes escribir en español o português si quieres.  Eu li ambos assim.  

Can't make a promise when I'll get to it, but I have decided to review more non-Anglophone fiction in 2013, particularly from newer writers, so feel free to list your works/anthologies and I'll keep referencing this thread for more fiction to read.  Feel free to pass this information along to others who may be interested in discussing briefly their works here.

P.S.  If you are a writer from a non-US/UK/Canada country who writes in English, feel free to list your fictions as well.  I will consider those as well.

P.P.S.  If there is interest (and after I've read representative works), I may be willing to conduct interviews (in English) with certain writers from non-Anglophone countries.  There are a few I want to contact in the coming days about this.  Hopefully, this will help raise the visibility of some outstanding writers.


Roberto Bilro Mendes said...

Hi Larry,

I am just shocked with that quote... How can anyone be like that? As you have pointed out, there is an incredible amount of great fiction from non-anglophone writers: that's right, there is a serious amount of awesome fiction that never appeared in English!Let's face it, there are good and bad writers everywhere. I just have one thing to reply to that quote from the so called "reviewer": You don't know what you are missing!

I would love to know his/her identity, I would love to send him/her the links to International Speculative Fiction Magazine so he could have a glimpse of whats out there!

Thanks for your post!

Best regards,

Roberto Mendes

Larry Nolen said...

Hey Roberto,

Thanks for reminding me that I need to post links to ISF as well in the very near future - I've been busy with other projects and forgot to do that.

As for that person, well, you could just leave a link to ISF inside that post of his, I suppose.

Alliah said...

Oi, Larry!

Eu tenho um livro que acho que pode te interessar. É uma coletânea de contos que se encaixa num estilo weird/experimental, bem puxado pro new weird. O nome é "Metanfetaedro", publicado no fim do ano passado pela Tarja Editorial. Por enquanto, só tem a versão impressa. Mas a versão em ebook vai sair em breve.

Se quiser dar uma olhada, a editora disponibilizou gratuitamente um pdf incluindo o prefácio e o primeiro conto. O link direto é esse:

Essa é minha primeira publicação solo. Tenho mais um punhado de contos por aí em antologias brasileiras. Tem uma lista das minhas publicações lá no meu blog.

Ah, e tem dois contos avulsos, que também são ficção weird/experimental, que foram publicados somente em ebook, pela Editora Draco. São eles:

Fritei minha dignidade no bacon:

Quem atirou na minha cabeça:

Bem, é isso. (:



Larry Nolen said...


Thanks for the links! I like the artwork and the preface intrigues me. Let me know when the e-edition is available, OK?

I'll read the two Draco-published stories shortly. Again, thanks for the response :D

Alliah said...

Sure, I'll let you know as soon as possible.

Thank you! ^^

Carlos Silva said...

Não sei se lês autores auto-publicados, mas pensei em propor-me porque seria muito interessante para mim saber a tua opinião.

Irei lançar este ebook brevemente através do smashwords e gostaria que desses uma vista de olhos se te interessar:

Queria também agradecer a leitura da antolgia Lisboa no Ano 2000 onde figura um conto meu.

Larry Nolen said...


I don't usually read self-published fiction, but that's more a matter of me not actively searching for it than any unshakeable prohibition against it. I'll look at yours in the near future, once I'm over this spell of exhaustion that's struck me the past week.

P.S. Would have tried to write back in Portuguese, but brain's too tired to remember my grammar :(

Carlos Silva said...

Obrigado e espero que valha o teu tempo :)

Flávio Medeiros Jr said...

Oi, Larry!

Em primeiro lugar, parabéns pela iniciativa.

Tenho dois romances de FC publicados em português (o terceiro, de temática steampunk, sai em 2013). Estes, por euquanto, apenas em papel.
No entanto, tenho quatro textos publicados que já existem na mídia virtual, sobre os quais falo a seguir:

1)Pendão da Esperança - Noveleta publicada na antologia "Space Opera" (Draco), vencedora do Prêmio Argos 2012, concedido pelo Clube de Leitores de Ficção Científica, na categoria Melhor História Curta.ão-esperança-ebook/dp/B0096E3TJA/ref=zg_bs_5559907011_8

2)Coronel Mostarda - Noveleta que faz parte da antologia "Dragões", da editora Draco, a ser lançada em papel em março/2013.Penso que talvez possa ser enquadrada no gênero New Weird.ões-Coronel-Mostarda-ebook/dp/B00AR1LDJE/ref=zg_bs_5559907011_9

3)Twist in my Sobriety - Conto dentro do gênero "invasão alienígena", publicado na antologia "Imaginários 1" (Draco).

4) Os Primeiros Aztecas na Lua - Noveleta publicada na antologia "Vaporpunk" (Draco), reunindo os gêneros steampunk, ficção alternativa e história alternativa. Este texto, junto com outros cinco, deverá fazer parte de meu novo romance a ser publicado este ano, que amplia o universo ficcional no formato "fix-up".

5) By a Thread (Por um Fio) - Conto classificado em segundo lugar no Prêmio Hydra, em 2011, e publicado (em inglês) na "Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show" (Issue 27). Graças a ele, hoje sou membro da SFWA. Está ambientado no mesmo universo steampunk do texto anterior.

Bem, espero que aprecie.
Um grande abraço, e minha gratidão em nome dos escritores de língua portuguesa e espanhola.

Flávio Medeiros Jr.

Alliah said...

Oi, Larry

O "Metanfetaedro" saiu em versão ebook essa semana. :D

Aqui está o link:


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