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Monday, January 07, 2013

So there's this future New York Times bestselling book coming out on the 8th...

No, I am not referring to the bloated carcass of a series that should have been taken out back to be shot and then shot again for good measure, but rather George Saunders' latest story collection, Tenth of December, which at the moment I type this is #5 on Amazon's bestselling list.

I've been meaning to read Saunders for years now and when I heard that this collection was about to be released, I preordered it with one of my Christmas gift cards.  Just arrived an hour ago in iBooks.  Going to read it a bit before going to bed, then I'm going to write a review sometime Tuesday or Wednesday.  I fully expect to enjoy excellent prose and interesting narrative twists, with fascinating characters.

If anything, January 2013 (copyright-wise) has seen four books already come to my doorstep (or iPad).  In December, I received an early street release copy of yet another good book coming out on the 8th, Leah Stewart's The History of Us (I've already read it and thought it was a very good book; review later this week).  In addition, just before Christmas I received Tamas Dubozy's excellent story collection, Seige 13, after I preordered it based solely on Jeff VanderMeer's glowing recommendation on Facebook (I believe he referred to it as the best original collection he had read in 2012).  Since the copyright is for 2013, I'll count it as a 2013 release for reward purposes.  It too will be reviewed later this month.  Finally, I just started reading the Portuguese retro-futuristic anthology, Lisboa no Ano 2000, earlier today and a review of that promising work will be later this month (I believe it goes on sale this month; the 1st edition date was for January 2013).

Oh, and Jim Harrison is releasing an intriguing book combining two novellas, The River Swimmers.  I enjoyed his most recent poetry collection, so I'm looking forward to this as well.

So, for those of you browsing blogs and feeling like all some are talking about is the end of an epic fantasy series, here are some good alternatives for you to consider.


Roland said...

Do you have plans on reviewing any of Haruki Murakamis books?
I'd love to read your take on them.

I have read his Rat trilogy, which was good (particularly the third book, A Wild Sheep Chase) and Norwegian Wood, which I loved.

Larry Nolen said...

I keep meaning to and for some reason or another either never re-read the older ones read (pre-2007, before I started posting reviews here) or I just was a bit rushed at the time and didn't write one out. I have a few of his books, however, so many that'll be a project for later this year.

But first, a couple of others, involving a series of Latin American women writers and Serb writer Zoran Živković. He sent me almost 20 of his books in Serbian and some in translation in hopes that I would work on my Serbian. Finally making time for that this year. Would like to review 1-3 books/collections of his a month. After that, maybe Murakami.

runescape accounts for sale said...

Rat trilogy is so interesting, plz keep going and I am looking forward to your next post.

Roland said...

I am looking forward to it, Larry! Thanks!

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