The OF Blog: Received an intriguing retrofuturistic/steampunk Portuguese anthology in the mail today

Friday, January 04, 2013

Received an intriguing retrofuturistic/steampunk Portuguese anthology in the mail today

Thanks to Safaa Dib of Saída de Emergência for sending this new anthology of theirs, Lisboa no Ano 2000,  to me.  It is an anthology of stories set in a Lisbon of 2000 that never existed.  Based on 19th century writings by novelists such as Jules Vernes that tried to project future Parises (or Londons, Berlins, etc.) at the dawn of the 21st century (yes, I know 2000 was the last year of the 20th century, but bear with me), this anthology imagines a Lisbon that could have existed if the entirety of 20th century developments had not occurred.  The anthology, which I received today, contains stories from the following writers:

  • João Barreiros
  • Ricardo Correia
  • Jorge Palinhos
  • AMP Rodriguez
  • Carlos Eduardo Silva
  • Ana C. Nunes
  • Ricardo Cruz Ortigão
  • João Ventura
  • Joel Puga
  • Telmo Marçal
  • Michael Silva
  • Pedro Vicente Pedroso
  • Guilherme Trindade
  • Pedro G.P. Martins
  • Pedro Afonso
Lisboa no Ano 2000 just came out this month in Portugal (or at least that's what the 1st edition copyright says).  I hope to review it sometime in the next few weeks or so, along with a few Brazilian works that I received recently.  Thought this might be of interest to those curious about retrofuturistic/Steampunk stories being written outside the US/UK/Canada.


banzai cat said...

any chance this would be translated to english? always open to reading non-anglophone stuff. :)

Larry Nolen said...

No idea. If I were more confident in my ability to translate Portuguese, I could attempt an amateur translation over a period of months/years, but since there'd be no money in it without an Anglophone publisher, it'd be difficult to muster up the enthusiasm to tackle over 400 pages of text :P

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