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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

March 2014 Reads

March was a slightly better reading month than February, as I completed 23 books despite going almost a week at a time without reading anything.  There were 5 re-reads this month, two of which has already been reviewed and another 1-2 may be reviewed in the near future.  Six books read in March were also reviewed and more may follow.  There were three short fiction collections and four graphic novels read.  One focused on the centrality of squirrels as a metaphor for human existence...or something like that.  Now for the monthly list:

40  Haruki Murakami, Los años de peregrinación del chico sin color (Spanish translation; review later this year after the English translation has been released)

41  Alina Diaconú, ¿Qué nos pasa, Nicolás? (re-read; Spanish; short fiction collection; very good)

42  David Soares and Pedro Serpa, Palmas para o Esquilo (Portuguese; graphic novel; already reviewed)

43  Ben Hatke, Zita the Spacegirl (graphic novel; might write an article on the trilogy later)

44  Dominique Rolin, Lettre à Lise (French; very good)

45  Maurizio Maggiani, Il viaggiatore notturno (Italian; Premio Strega winner, good)

46  Claudio Magris, Danubio (Italian; excellent)

47  Ben Hatke, Legends of Zita the Spacegirl (graphic novel; see above comment)

48  Ben Hatke, The Return of Zita the Spacegirl (graphic novel; see above)

49  Jesse Ball, Silence Once Begun (review in very near future)

50  Ben Marcus, Leaving the Sea (short fiction collection; review in near future)

51  Ondjaki, Os Transparentes (Portuguese; Prémio José Saramago winner; very good)

52  Helen Oyeyemi, Boy, Snow, Bird (already reviewed)

53  Andrés Neuman, Hablar solos (Spanish; very good)

54  Kyle Minor, Praying Drunk (short fiction collection; already reviewed)

55  Stella Benson, Living Alone (re-read; good)

56  José Saramago, História do cerco de Lisboa (Portuguese; excellent)

57  Okey Ndibe, Foreign Gods, Inc. (already reviewed)

58  Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, The Communist Manifesto (re-read; non-fiction; already reviewed)

59  Graciela Montes and Ema Wolf, El turno del escriba (re-read; Spanish; Premio Alfaguara winner; already reviewed)

60  Colette, Chéri (French; very good)

61  Greg King and Sue Woolmans, The Assassination of the Archduke (non-fiction; review forthcoming)

62  Leonora Carrington, The Hearing Trumpet (re-read; possible review in near future)

Updated Yearly Goals:

Spanish:  20/50 (ahead of pace by 7; 4 read in March)

Portuguese:  7/50 (behind pace by 6; 3 read in March)

French:  7/50 (behind pace by 6; 2 read in March)

Italian:  9/50 (behind pace by 4; 2 read in March)

Women writers:  21/62 (33.9%; behind 35% goal by 1 book)

Premio Alfaguara winners reviewed:  10/24 (soon to be 25, after the 2014 winner is published by June; 8 reviewed in 2014 alone)

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