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Thursday, April 10, 2008

A childhood favorite, rediscovered

A couple of days ago, I was cleaning out a disorganized pile of books in the elementary school library at the residential treatment center where I work, when I came across Mitchell Sharmat's Gregory, the Terrible Eater. I received this book when I was a first grader, back in 1980-1981, and I remember thinking how cool the illustrations were and how strange it was that a goat was a picky eater.

So naturally I brought the book into my classroom when the afternoon session began and I read it again. I still found the illustrations to be wonderful, the story interesting, and the notion of a goat wanting veggies instead of wholesome junk to be strange and intriguing. To think that it was due to books like this that I developed my love for reading and later for speculative works. Just thought I'd post a little bit this morning in tribute to one of those magical works that got me hooked on reading.

Anyone have similar books to share here?


MattD said...

Sorting through boxes of old books last year during Spring cleaning led to me to re-read The Trumpet of the Swan and The Rats of NIMH, two books that really cemented my love of reading when I was younger and eased my path into longer, novel-length works.

Larry said...

Ooh! Ooh! I loved those books when I was like 7 or 8! I'm tempted to go to my local library and check those out, to relive some fond memories.

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