The OF Blog: 2008 Shirley Jackson Award winners announced

Sunday, July 20, 2008

2008 Shirley Jackson Award winners announced

Via Locus Online:


Elizabeth Hand, Generation Loss

(Read this one twice in the past year and it certainly is a worthy winner out of a very good group of finalists.)


Lucius Shepard, Vacancy

(Only read Živković's entry, but Shepard has released some really good stories over the years, so I hope to read this one in the very near future.)


Glen Hirshberg, "The Janus Tree"

(Haven't read any of the finalists, but am familiar with Hirshberg's 2007 WFA-nominated American Morons)

Short Story:

Nathan Ballingrud, "The Monsters of Heaven"

(While I haven't read this particular story of his, he is an outstanding short story writer and this was a strong field of finalists)


Laird Barron, The Imago Sequence and Other Stories

(Haven't read it yet, but I've heard only very positive things about it. Good finalist list as well).


Ellen Datlow, Inferno

(Hope to read this in the near future, along with the other finalists.)

All in all, a solid group of winners here for the inaugural Shirley Jackson Awards.

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