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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Technical question

I'm looking at ways of making it easier for people to access what I'm posting here. I believe some reading this have set up mirror blogs on LJ, Facebook, Myspace, and other such places and while I have LJ and Facebook accounts for reading others' comments, I've never really bothered learning how to do the mirroring, friending, and other aspects of social networking.

Now I'm not seeking to set up anything time-intensive, but if any know of an easy way for me to mirror my comments and perhaps add feeds for various readers, I would appreciate it greatly. After all, it'd be nice to highlight some of the fine writers I enjoy for others reading this blog to discover. So yes, seeking suggestions on technical matters that generally are beyond me right now.


Cheryl said...

Mostly you don't need to do much. Your blog has an RSS feed. People can subscribe to it in all sorts of ways.

LiveJournal is a bit more complicated because of the way they have implemented RSS reading. Basically anyone can set up a journal that is simply someone else's feed syndicated. It is not at all obvious that it isn't you posting directly, so every so often you'll see a writer complaining about getting angry mail from fans for not responding to comments on a journal she didn't know she had. So I use a bit of technology which automatically cross-posts and directs people to my blog for comments.

For Facebook just open an account and give it the address of your feed. It will import your posts for you.

Neth said...

I believe for LJ you need to have a pay account to set up a mirror of your blog. Or you can find someone with a pay account to do it for you (that's what happened with Neth Space).

I haven't really tried with Myspace or Facebook, but I don't think it's quite as simple as Cheryl implies (or it isn't for me anyway).

Larry said...

Thanks for the suggestions, both of you. Yeah, it looks like I'll have to abandon using my LJ account for anything other than the occasional response to a post. Facebook seems to be a bit easier. Going to see if adding Feedburner will do anything - it certainly wasn't difficult to install last night!

Cheryl said...

Neth: I have done these things and you haven't, but you think I might be wrong? Hmm. Are you male, by any chance? That would explain the logic.

Larry: I'll be interested to see how you get on with Feedburner. I haven't bothered with it, but I keep thinking that I ought to.

Neth said...

I have an 'add this' link in each post that makes things fairly easy, though I haven't utilized it very much.

Neth said...

Cheryl - not saying your wrong, but I have looked around for the way to add posts to my Facebook and I haven't found an 'easy for me' way to do it, so I abandoned the effort since I don't utilize it much anyway.

And I definately suffer from male logic.

Feedburner seems to make it easier for people to add to whatever feed reader they utilize.

Larry said...

So far, it wasn't hard to install - just patching some code into the template, which I've done before with other tracking devices (I like to see how they vary from one another more than caring about "actual" numbers). It'll be interesting if there's a bump in numbers unrelated to simply more people being linked here.

Anonymous said...

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