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Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Hugo Finalists: Plans

Although I'm still mired in a reviewing slump, I do plan on doing a bit of prognosticating on the Hugo finalists for Best Novel in the next few days (once I read the Sawyer and Stross books; sadly, I was sent every Scalzi book but the contending one a couple of weeks ago, so there'll be a hole in my guessing, I suppose). Since I'll be in teacher training Monday-Thursday and then school starts on Friday, it might end up being only a single capsule-like commentaries on these books and not full-blown reviews. But hey, predicting things is the fun part, no?

Although I have reinstated the Hugo poll for the next few days, I'm curious to know your predictions. If you have a link, post it in the comments, or just comment below.

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