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Saturday, August 09, 2008

A reading meme

So Gabriele tagged me for this one:


Don't have a table and my nightstand is too packed with an alarm clock, CD system speakers, and my C-PAP for there to be any room for books. However, I do keep a stack of books on my computer tower. These will be listed shortly.

Reading at the Moment:

Barely a damn thing since late June (only read 11 books in July, or less than 1/3 of my monthly averages for this year). But let's see what I have received lately that I began reading a bit:

Jorge Luis Borges, El idioma de los argentinos (commentaries)

Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colón, After 9/11: America's War on Terror (2001 - ) (Graphic novel; review copy)

Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprenger, The Malleus Maleficarium (historical artifact, the witch hunter's guide)

Angélica Gorodischer, Bajo las Jubeas en flor (short story collection)

Tennessee State Standards for teaching U.S. History - Exciting read, no?

Can't Put Down:

It's those state standards, baby! Yeah, right. Right now, I've barely had time to read anything (and I ought to add, I don't read books in bed, so I'm apparently bending the rules of this meme a bit to be able to answer it at all).

Gathering Dust:

The 30 or so books I bought or received in July/August so far. C'est la vie.

Secret Indulgence:

Those state standards again? Don't have any "secrets" about my indulgences!

Looking Forward To:

School on Monday? Umm...mostly to having time to read books again, period.

As for tagging, I tag Aidan, Neth/Ken, Harlan Ellison, Jack Vance, and Terry Goodkind. Or three other people who want to do this thing. Same difference.


Gabriele C. said...

Lol, somehow I can't imagine Terry Goodkind reading your blog. ;)

Thank you for playing along. Why am I not surprised to find some Borges on the list? *grin*

Larry said...

Well, my blog deals with much more than just fantasy/science fiction, so maybe he would be compelled to read it? ;)

As for the Borges, it arrived this morning, so I read the first chapter before I began cooking my lunch. Speaking of which, I haven't eaten in almost 24 hours (since 12:30 PM CDT yesterday), so I'm a bit hungry now!

Chris, The Book Swede said...

You can't compel Goodkind to do anything, or we'd have stopped him writing by now ;)

Larry said...

Maybe others just haven't tried hard enough? Surely someone compelled him to shave the Yeard recently!

Neth said...

hmm...I think I'll skip this meme.

I'm not sure how to feel about the company I seem to be keeping with that list of 'tagged'.

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