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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Results of the poll on non-English language coverage here

While I suspected many were interested in the authors I was highlighting from time to time (60% of you wishing you could read these authors in English so you could judge for yourselves), I was very pleasantly surprised to see that 21% of those voting said that the authors I covered were among their favorites (presumably, this is a mixture of works already available in various translations, as well as those authors read in their original languages) and that only 2% actively disliked the topic (I thought it might have been in the 10% range when I posted it), with the remaining 15% being more or less "meh" about things.

Current poll is about how large your book collection is. Mine is a shade over 1500 books at the moment, but I'll refrain from voting, as is usually my wont in such matters.


Jen said...

Hm. I wonder. Do people who know how many books they have actually catalog them in a way or just guesstimate?

I counted the rough number of books on a shelf, multiplies by the number of shelves and got a very rough figure... 600ish. Although probably just a half are really mine, I have a lot of books I inherited from my grandpa, plus a bunch I'm saving/keeping for an indefinite time for someone (meaning they're sort of mine, only they don't interest me).

Johan said...

Some people do catalogue their books. I make a easonably qualified guess at somewhere between 1500 and 2000. Which isn't that many, really, but still means that I've had to move to a new student apartment to get another room so I can have a library instead of just books everywhere.


ediFanoB said...

Due to the available space I more or less how many books I currently own. I had to sell a lot of books during the past 30 years due to space problems.

Since three years I catalogue all the books which I would like to read.Currently there are 984 books on my to read list.

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