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Saturday, August 30, 2008

New poll on types of books read, etc.

The results of this past week's poll were interesting, in that over a third of those who voted owned fewer than 500 books, while slightly less than 44% of voters owned more than 1000 books. Seems that the visitors here are a fairly well-read group, or at least have spent a lot of money on books over the years. Considering that a previous poll revealed that around 50% are older than 30, I suppose it might be safe to say that the numbers are likely representative of the book collecting prowess of people here.

This week's poll deals with book buying/marketing matters. While maybe 1/3 of the books I've bought/own would be shelved in some sort of SF/F section, more often that not, the mimetic and speculative fiction I've read are classified as being part of some "literature" or "general fiction" section in most bookstores. However, your ratios might be different from mine, so thus the poll to indicate this without any needing to supply individual information (although such is always welcome in the comments section here!).

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