The OF Blog: Bibliophile Stalker interview of me

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bibliophile Stalker interview of me

Charles Tan conducted an interview with me a few weeks ago and he now has posted the finished work. For those curious to know more about me, just click this link.


Mihai A. said...

Congrats Larry, very nice interview :)

And I will announce you that with a great pleasure I nomiated you for the I Love Your Blog Award (
Keep up the good work :)

Neth said...

Nice, better you than me though ;)

Anonymous said...

Great interview, Larry! And I finally found out why you named your blog that way! (I suppose I could have asked, but what the heck)

Lsrry said...

Thanks for the comments (and the award, Mihai). Thought you knew the Blog's name origin though, Fábio, although I guess I probably just assumed it was obvious :P

Anonymous said...

Nice interview Larry! It's kinda wierd to see the last 7 or 8 years laid out like that. Nice work - you come across well in the interview. :) Here's to onwards and upwards! :D

I also remember you telling me you had an Irish surname, but you never mentioned what it was. ;)


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