The OF Blog: "Real" moment in political debate?

Thursday, October 02, 2008

"Real" moment in political debate?

This might have been the most "real" emotion I saw from any of the four. It was just bizarre after hearing this (even taking into account my own political biases) Sarah Palin launching into what seemed to be a rehearsed response that totally failed to take into account what Joe Biden expressed in such emotional terms. I wonder if this might be part of the reason why the CBS poll had a 46%-21% advantage to Biden among undecided voters.

Thoughts on this, the debate, and expectations for the next one? While I won't make a regular habit of these type of posts, it is something I consider to be very important, not just because it deals with part of my job description (I am certified to teach U.S. Government/Political Science in addition to History).


Jeff C said...

First..I consider myself democrat, but I also think I am pretty open minded..and view things from my beliefs, not party lines. I don't even know all the differences between dems and reps..i just say I am democrat cuz i agree with them more often (and cant stand Rush or Sean Hannity).

That said..I was very impressed with much so that I almost wish he had won the nomination. He seemed to speak with real emotion, conviction, and knowledge. I very rarely got the sense he was just reciting talking points (though his target was obviously McCain). Palin at the beginning of the debate seemed to be answering random questions instead of the ones that were asked. My gut feeling was that she didnt have answers, so she needed to find something to say. I thought she got better and more comfortable as the debate progressed, but was still nowhere near Biden.

The big question I have: Can anyone HONESTLY say they would feel comfortable if Palin had to assume the role of President? I wouldn't care what party she was...the thought of her as president scares the crap out of me, personally.

Larry said...

I'm more of a democratic socialist than a center-left Democrat, but despite some center-right leaning economic policies, Obama (and now Biden) appeal more to me because they seem to be articulate without being denigrating (within bounds, of course, as the ever-crass campaign commercials on both sides can be grating).

Palin on the other hand...what I would have given to be the moderator then...

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