The OF Blog: What SF monster could compete with this?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What SF monster could compete with this?

Over at Ecstatic Days, Tessa is filling in for Jeff VanderMeer and she has a series of Ninjas vs. Pirates vs. [insert cowboys, stormtroopers, zombies, bears, etc.] contests. In one of the responses, I came up with a virtually unstoppable, unbeatable creature.

Yes. Squirrels that dance to Michael Jackson songs. Not even 50 Vogons reciting poetry can top that. Do you think you can, punk? Go ahead, make my day.


Anonymous said...

I give up! I can´t match your skills (or should I say squirrels?)

Lsrry said...

You ought to see this Serbian girl I know, Fábio. She has sent me postcards of rabid, vampiric squirrels lusting after my blood! I can't compete with those, only hope to appease them! :P

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