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Friday, October 17, 2008

October 1-16 reads

Off to a relatively slow start here, although I expect to get quite a few books read the next couple of days. Some of these I've either already reviewed or plan on reviewing in some form in the near future, so not much in the way of commentary this time:

313 Thomas M. Disch, The Wall of America - already reviewed.

314 Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle (graphic novel) - nice artwork, solid story.

315 Lou Anders (ed.), Sideways in Crime - Excellent original anthology of stories that combine crime fiction with alt-histories. Might say more on this in a few weeks.

316 Félix de Azúa, Historia de una idiota contada por él mismo - OK thematic story, but I wasn't in the proper frame of mind to enjoy this like I normally would.

317 Jeffrey Ford, The Physiognomy

318 Jeffrey Ford, Memoranda

319 Jeffrey Ford, The Beyond

Each of Ford's novels in his The Well-Built City trilogy are re-reads for me (third time). Perhaps I'll write a review of them later, time permitting.

Currently reading:

Matthew Stover, Caine Black Knife - Review forthcoming this weekend.

Javier Negrete, Alejandro Magno y las águilas de Roma - Review in 1-3 weeks.

Each of these two novels are very strong candidates to make it to my year-end list, for very different reasons. That is, if they manage to keep the same level of quality each has had to this point. More on them and other novels shortly.

Also, I have 3 more reviews to post today and Saturday, time permitting.


RobB said...

I can't recall Larry, but have you read any of the Dresden Files novels?

Lsrry said...

No, this was my first Butcher story. I do have a review copy of one of his books from earlier this year that I haven't read, mostly because it was late into a series. Might look into reading those later, time permitting.

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