The OF Blog: 2008 Nebula Award winners announced

Sunday, April 26, 2009

2008 Nebula Award winners announced

I followed the live feed from SF Awards Watch and the final results are now in for the major award categories. Sadly, I haven't read a one of these works, although I just placed orders for the Wilce and Le Guin books, in part because I want to cover more YA fiction on this blog and I'm curious to see if their works, from 2007/8 will compare favorably with my favorites from 2008.

Andre Norton Award (YA Fiction): Ysabeau S. Wilce, Flora's Dare

Bradbury Award: Joss Whedon

Grand Master Award: Harry Harrison

Short Story: Nina Kiriki Hoffman, "Trophy Wives"

Script: Wall-E

Novella: Catherine Asaro, The Spacetime Pool

Novelette: John Kessel, "Pride and Prometheus"

Novel: Ursula Le Guin, Powers

What are your thoughts on the winners? Did the "right" stories win? Are there stories that you are going to purchase/read now that the winners have been named? How much complaining do you think will take place now? Curious to know what others thought of these selections.

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