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Monday, April 27, 2009

2008 Tiptree Award winners

Forgot to post this the other day, but the Tiptree Award winners for 2008 releases were announced this weekend as well, along with their Honor List.  The two winners:

Patrick Ness, The Knife of Never Letting Go 

Nisi Shawl, Filter House

I believe I have made at least a few passing comments over the past few months praising both books (the Shawl is a short fiction collection), and each is very deserving of this award.  The Honor List contains another six books that I have read (Sedia, Barzak, Frost, Lanagan, Le Guin, Park) and one that I ordered (the Wilce) and I would recommend each of those as well to readers here, for different reasons.  In fact, the Sedia and Le Guin need revisiting, since those were the two novels I most wanted to review last year yet could not organize my thoughts adequately at the time (summer 2008 had very few reviews, if memory serves, due to work issues and personal life stuff).  I really ought to revisit them in the next month or so.

Anyone else here read any of the winners or the Honor List?


Martin said...

Anyone else here read any of the winners or the Honor List?I've read (and raved) about The Knife Of Never Letting Go and hopefully the sequel should be coming through my letterbox in the next week or so.

I've also read Girl Meets Boy which I don't consider SF and which isn't as good as her other stuff. (The same can be said of most of the Canongate Myths books.)

I am hoping to read the Barzak and the Lanagan at some point.

Larry said...

I'm looking for to that sequel as well, Martin, although it'll be a bit longer for me, unless I decide to import it.

I've reached the point with Lanagan that if I hear she has a new book coming out, I will buy it immediately if I don't receive a review copy of it first.

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