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Monday, April 27, 2009

Two new polls

First poll is the eighth weekly installment of the next non-2009 book that I should review on this blog. Last week's winner was Angela Carter's The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman and I should have a review up by mid-week. Still need to write that review of Junot Díaz's debut short fiction collection, Drown, in the near future, although I did read it earlier this year and liked it quite a bit.

The second poll is on a whim. Thinking about re-reading the entire Harry Potter series and writing a series of reviews, one per book. Curious to see what others think of this, although my decision will not be based on what the viewers choose. I do want to cover more YA fiction, of all stripes, here (well, minus the Stephanie Meyer novels. I had to endure part of that horridly-acted Twilight movie last Wednesday at school, as the juniors got to watch that after they finished their ACT testing at school, and I'd rather be castrated by a rabid squirrel's teeth than to endure watching that movie again), so I might do this in a few weeks, if I still have the time and energy.

Oh, expect a few more YA reviews in the near future. Been meaning to read/review Ursula Le Guin's YA trilogy from 2005-2007 (the last book, Powers, just won the Nebula for Best Novel) and since Ysabel Wilce won the Andre Nortion Award this past weekend for her Flora's Dare, I'll be reading and reviewing her work as well.

I'd say more, but it's nearly 1 AM and I'm in sore need of a few hours' rest before work tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed "Wizard of the Crow" very much. It's timely and, perhaps, timeless (unfortunately), especially in light of all the brouhaha over Somali pirates--a symptom of post-colonialism.

Mary C

Larry said...

I loved it as well when I read it two years ago (I saw where Jeff VanderMeer recommended it and I bought it back in January 2007), and I'm inclined to read it again very soon, in part for the reason you mention :D

Of course, my love extends for the others as well, especially for The Little Prince, but that's for personal reasons.

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