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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How people find this site

According to Blogger's referral stats, these are the top ten searches that land people here. Some are amusing, no?

of blog of the fallen

of blog

blog of the fallen

mexican porn

birthday squirrel

god emperor of dune

turkish porn

serbian porn

"jeffrey ford"



Stefan said...

Birthday squirrel? *blink*

Matthew Cheney said...

Hey, where's the Mexican porn by Jeffrey Ford?! Somebody told me it was here...

Lsrry said...

I think it's what the Birthday Squirrel brought me back in July, Matt ;)

Chad Hull said...

Hyperion? Longfellow?

MatsVS said...

At least the international porn crowd is more attractive than the 'we wanna win free stuff' crowd, right?

Lsrry said...


Dan Simmons' 1990 Hugo winner. I reviewed it back in April or May, I believe.


Of course. Porn sells. Surprised "squirrel porn" wasn't a top 10 search :P

Vanin said...

Hmm... No Bonaduce? No Shatner?

Lsrry said...

I know, I know, I've been slack in mentioning them in recent years, Maciek. By the way, I hope to finally finish reading Sapkowski's Geralt novels this weekend, as the Spanish have now published them all. Too bad the English have delayed theirs to the point of making me wonder if they've canceled the translation.

Amy said...

ahem. A lot of porn. It seems I'm missing all the good posts...

Tibor Moricz said...

Yesterday one came in my brasilian blog with "Tibor Gay" search and another with "Tibor Sun of a bitch" search. It makes me laugh out loud.

Felix Gilman said...

about two years ago I put up a photograph of a kitten on my site. now to a first approximation 100% of hits on the site are from people searching for variations on "kitten" or "kitten pictures"

it puts things in perspective, I find

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