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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The joy of computer malfunctions

It seems that after nearly four years, my desktop might be dying a slow, messy death.  Lately, if I leave it unattended, it refuses to come out of hibernation and I have to reboot it and wait a while before its slowness fades.  Perhaps it's just as well, as I'm contemplating replacing my 2007 Lenovo with an iMac sometime in the spring.

In the meantime, just purchased an Apple wireless keyboard and a Miniport/VGA adapter and when I feel like using the 23.5" widescreen monitor (like I am now) as opposed to my 13.3" MacBook, I'll just hook it up and make do until I have the money to spare to buy the computer I want.

Guess this might put a little dent in my book-buying budget for the next four months or so, but we'll see.  I was already contemplating a cull of 250-350 books by the end of the year, so I might have some used book trade-ins that will make up much of the slack.  Still not really in much of a mood to purchase scads of 2010 releases right now.

Sad that 3.5 years is all most computers can give someone before they become obsolete for various reasons.

Oh, and for those who want something book-related, here are two pictures of two Easton Press editions that I purchased this afternoon while in the Hillsboro Village section of Nashville (about 3 miles from the Apple store there).  Whenever I want really cool/rare/expensive used books, I shop at the BookMan/BookWoman store on 21st Avenue.  Aren't these nice?

Just in the mood to read at least the core of Confucius' teachings, plus it's been over a decade since I last read Ivanhoe, so why not?

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