The OF Blog: Reason #90210 why I probably should stop reading epic fantasy forums

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Reason #90210 why I probably should stop reading epic fantasy forums

My IQ must have dropped 50 points or so reading this dreck.

This is a fitting example of why I really don't obsess over any work.  Lord have mercy on that person's soul for having wondered about that and also for those who actually took the time to weigh the "merits" of such a "speculation."  Those of us who read that and were completely nonplussed, like I am at the moment, we're just doomed to watch the entropic forces of the asinine overwhelm us.  Not even sure if the squirrel gods could save us now...


Todd said...

It at least hints at the real discussion of why the author uses rape to punish female characters and not male characters.

It's not exactly inspiring or faith-in-humanity-restoring, but it's only a little worse than, say, someone appealing to the squirrel gods ;).

Paul said...

But he has to know about the assrape Larry, or he just won't be able to go on!

Larry said...


Expect a visit from some squirrels shortly ;)


Why did I think of that horrid Celine Dion song from The Titanic while reading your response? :P

dacole said...

Ahhh I like the Celine Dion song...but yes wow..there are intelligent things to say and discuss when talking about works of fiction this was not one of them. This could have happened at any forum though didn't have to be an epic fantasy one. I know you hate them now but don't try to do it to much. Way of Kings was quite good.

felix said...


has there been any update on the buttrape issue yet Larry?

This is very important

Larry said...

Yes, as apparently there wasn't even the offer of a courtesy reach-around. Evil, I say, EVIL!

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