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Thursday, October 07, 2004


This blog receives hundreds of books each year from publishers across the United States, as well as from British and Canadian publishers. Most of them I do not bother to read. Some I cannot read, since my puppy has shredded the packages in which the books arrive before I can pick them up off of the front porch. Others I do end up reading, but I rarely say more than a sentence or two in a reading journal-like entry. Only a dozen or two books per year out of the hundreds I receive from publishers each year are reviewed in full. Some of those receive positive marks, because I found the stories to be excellent. Others receive mixed or negative comments, because I found structural weaknesses in that book's characterization, prose, and/or plot. In each case, the opinions expressed are mine and not words placed into my mouth by an author, publicist, or any other representative of a publishing firm.

Now that you know this, understand that this disclaimer applies to all reviews, whether or not I actually bought or received the book as a review copy. After all, I cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars shipping the books (read or unread) back to the publishers, thus this disclaimer. Thank you and drive through.


Rachel Green said...

Excellent disclaimer!

Neth said...

I chose another path ;)

Anonymous said...

Is you dog still a puppy? :)

Grab the Lapels said...

I'm really excited by the high level of literature on this blog, though it claims to be Spec Fict. I've been searching and searching and SEARCHING for blogs that don't just cover vampires and bodice ripping! Occasionally, I work with small press authors of literature to promote their books. We ask bloggers to allow us to post interesting content on a specific date. Typically, the collaborative post (between the author and me) involves exploring a theme in the work, like mental illness or memory or the state of fiction in the U.S. (and why so many adults are reading YA!). Is this something you would like to be involved with? It requires very little effort on your part and is free advertising for your blog.

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