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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Max Ernst, Une Semaine de Bonté

Finished reading/gazing over Max Ernst's 1934 surrealistic collage/novel, Une Semaine de Bonté (A Week of Kindness). Very impressed with the images, which he derived from Victorian era illustrations that he cut up and mixed together to create the following images:

What are your impressions of these images or your thoughts on Ernst's work, if you're familiar with it?


Anonymous said...

I thought we came here to read what you think! :)

Larry Nolen said...

Pfft! :P

I enjoyed those images quite a bit, but since in this case the pictures probably would be worth more than a few thousand words, I thought I'd just bend things a bit and let others weigh in on the images rather than my words on the stories ;)

Miguel said...

Great book! Did you read the Dover edition?

Larry Nolen said...

Yes. Was better each time I read it as well. Nice oversized edition that showcased the pieces well.

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