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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday morning links

Here are a few links that have caught my attention recently:

Felix Gilman has one of the best ideas for a book giveaway contest: If you can kick his ass, he'll give you a signed copy of his excellent book, Thunderer. Might want to pay attention to who is not eligible.

Joe Sherry offers his thoughts on the Nebula finalists for Best Novella. Interesting takes; will have to look into some of these stories if I ever have the time this month.

Nic of Eve's Alexandria has a very good article on four books by James Blish.

Interesting corollary on the meta-review posts, this one related to the reviewer/author interaction in a review, over on Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin' Book Reviews.

Realms of Speculative Fiction reviews Jeff VanderMeer's just-released novella, The Situation.

Rob Bedford of SFF World reviews the John Joseph Adams-edited anthology, Wastelands. Whenever I get around to writing my review, I too will be giving this one high marks, as I thoroughly enjoyed most of the stories in that collection.

Strange Horizons reviews J.M. McDermott's Last Dragon (which I reviewed back in February).

Matt Stagg's is guest-blogging on Jeff VanderMeer's blog and he asks an interesting set of questions for the writers reading it.

And finally, Nick Mamatas has a bit of fun with a self-published author's "press kit."


ThRiNiDiR said...

Thanks for the link up Larry :).

Lsrry said...

You're welcome! Hope you'll take part in "challenging" Gilman, as I think he's spoilin' for a fight now, especially after he got wasted by a heat-packin' hamster ;)

SQT said...

Thanks for the link. :)

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