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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

It's Eric Basso Week over at Weird Fiction Review

I don't plan on making it a habit to promote my essays written for other blogs/sites/magazines, outside of a monthly links post, but I do think what WFR is doing this week by featuring a week of essays and excerpts from poet/dramatist/writer Eric Basso's oeuvre is worth promoting here.  So here is what's up, three days into this five-day publication:


Introductory essay by Adam Mills

101 Weird Writers essay on "The Beak Doctor" by myself

Excerpt from "The Beak Doctor"

Interview with Basso, conducted by Adam Mills


Part I of Basso's essay, "Annihilation" (Part II is on Thursday, I believe)

"Drowning in Time:  The Work of Eric Basso" by Matthew Pridham


"An Encounter with 'The Beak Doctor'" by D.F. Lewis

"Caught in the Moment:  The Poetry of Eric Basso" by myself

Full versions of Basso's poetry that were excerpted in my essay

There is more planned for Thursday and Friday, so if you liked what you read via these links, be sure to visit WFR those days for more (provided, of course, that you aren't visiting it regularly for the wonderful content that is added several times per week).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Larry, I look forward to reading this.

Also, love WFR in general - what a great site!


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