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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Things I am contemplating doing/reading in 2014

Although it won't be until January 1 when I post my official-official reading goals for 2014, I thought it might be of some interest to readers to see what I am contemplating having as reading challenges/goals for 2014.  This list is subject to change, dependent in large part on projected time/energy issues:

1.  Reading at least 366 books for the year.  Ever since 2008, I have read a minimum of 385 books (currently reading #370, but with the full expectation of reading another 20-35 books by the 31st), so this is an extension of the previous 6 years' accomplishments.

2.  Having at least 35% of those reads be by women writers/editors.  At the very least, I want to read a similar percentage as I have so far this year (currently, a shade under 35%), so this is another continuing annual goal.

Now for some newer ones:

3.  Reading at least 50 books each in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and French.  Had thought about having the numbers be 40 each, since I turn 40 in July, but I thought a 50x4 challenge would be more fitting (plus it might make it where over 50% of the works I read will be in a language other than English).  Still might change this one before the 1st.

4.  Reprising the 2010 "World Cup" series of posts for the 2014 edition.  This is almost certainly going to happen in some form, but I haven't decided if I'll write short, silly country vs. country comparisons, or if I'll choose specific writers from the competing countries and write short reviews of their works.  If I do the latter, I probably will need to discover several new writers, which wouldn't be a bad thing at all, n'est ce pas?

5.  Doing an in-depth series of reviews of a Southern writer.  I know, I know, for the past two years I wrote several reviews of stories/novels by William Faulkner (2012) and Flannery O'Connor (2013) and by the springtime, both weekly series had been abandoned.  But perhaps if I made it something like a weekend or monthly feature, something that wouldn't tax me too much if I continue to work/travel 13-14 hrs/day for the workweek, maybe that might have lasting power?  Am considering Thomas Wolfe, one of my all-time favorite writers, for this.

6.  Doing at least one interview with a writer/editor.  Outside of the four interviews I did with certain reviewers/bloggers this year, I haven't interviewed anyone since mid-2011.  Maybe it's past time to resume interro-viewing authors/editors?

7.  Averaging writing a review a week for the year.  I'm nearly at that now, but only a few years ago, I wrote almost 3/week for the year (I think it was 2010).  Maybe that'll restore some life to this blog?

Oh, and there might be more rabid reading squirrels browsing shelves in your hometown/village in the near future.  You might want to stay out of their way...


Anonymous said...

well, i think it will be hard to find 50 good books in portuguese... :)

Lsrry said...

If you mean a wide variety of good books (by genres, genders, etc.), then perhaps. But I do plan on (re)reading Saramago in Portuguese this year, along with Gonçalo M. Tavares, perhaps re-read Camões...that'll get me near to 50, I think :P

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