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Monday, October 13, 2014

Things I'm supposedly going to be working on this month

My second bout with kidney stones this weekend set me back quite a bit.  Not only did I miss the final two days of the 2014 Southern Festival of Books due to sometimes intense kidney/abdominal pain, but I didn't get any reviews written this weekend.  So it seems I'm going to have to be write virtually a review a day for the rest of the year in order to achieve my review goals, or at least to cover the books covered on this list

I do know that late tonight/Tuesday morning I will have a review of Howard Jacobson's Booker-shortlisted J up in advance of tomorrow's award announcement.  I also might try to write a review of one of the 2014 Prix Médicis finalists before I go to bed.  Then I would like to tackle this week at least two other Prix Médicis finalists that I've read before covering the 2014 Premio Strega longlisted/shortlisted titles that I've read but haven't yet reviewed.  It takes longer to write shorter-length reviews of works read in my fourth and fifth-best languages (French and Italian), so I might end up spreading those out.

After that, I think I'll try to review 1-2 of the bolded titles (the ones I've already read) on the list linked to above.  Certainly will cover the 2014 National Book Award-longlisted titles listed (by the way, their shortlists should be announced later this week, if memory serves) and then certain high-profile releases, like the Murakami, then will be reviewed at last.  I hope by the end of November to have my to-review list down to fewer than twenty titles, but it'll be a challenge, since I undoubtedly will be adding books to that list in the coming weeks.

Whenever I do catch up, that list should make for a comprehensive review of 2014 literature, with the possible exception of SF/F, of which I have read relatively little this year.  Now to see how quickly these plans fall apart.

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