The OF Blog: A few things I'd like to review this week

Monday, December 08, 2014

A few things I'd like to review this week

I'm rushing these days trying to achieve as many of my 2014 reading/reviewing goals as possible.  While I'm uncertain how many of the 50x4 languages/books I'll manage to achieve (Spanish and French are likely, Italian is possible, while Portuguese is very uncertain at least), I do know that I have 7 more Premio Alfaguara winner reviews to write (and 6 to re-read), so I'll be working on that for this week and next.

Also planning on writing 1-2 more mini-review roundups of books, likely starting with a group of 4-5 October releases and maybe a foreign language one as well.  I have 27 2014 releases left to cover (17 already read, 10 to finish reading in the next 1-2 weeks), so I'll have plenty to keep me busy until Christmas, after which I'll start my annual Best of Year posts on a variety of categories, this time providing links to reviews of books listed.

All this and the squirrels are demanding to be fed.  My life is never at rest these days!

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