The OF Blog: Is it too early to declare this the Twilight-referring quote of the year?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is it too early to declare this the Twilight-referring quote of the year?

From Jeff VanderMeer's blog, said by fellow author Nick Mamatas, in reference to Stephanie Meyer's Twilight:

The pregnancy is aberrant and life-threatening, but visions of the child, who is inexplicably male in the visions (I will provide my theory behind this choice in a moment), keep her from letting the others abort the child.

Another social problem easily resolved through the judicious application of anal sex.

Which led to a comment from yet another author, Kelly Barnhill:

Of course, then Nick brings up the anal sex possibility, and I must say, I’m intrigued……..;-) Perhaps that’s just what YA needs right now: Anal sex and lots of it.
I knew there was a reason why I like these authors...


Elena said...

#2 on the list of my favorite quotes on that subject.

but whoever wrote it wasn't a writer, just a reader. :)

Charles said...

Well it's already past mid-December so anal sex quote wins in my book.

Ninja said...

Those girls defending Twilight on VanderMeer's blog freak me the HELL out.

Fábio said...

Anal sex beats anything. :-)

Larry said...


You know that quote can and shall be twisted against you, no? ;)


Yes, it was...something to behold. In a scary fashion.


Likely so.


Nice! But will Meyer enjoy lots of anal sex while in the mental ward? :P

Elena said...


but for me, picturing edward with a gun and a mullet is much more amusing than picturing the anal sex. after living next door to someone who sold sex toys on the side and loved to talk about anal dilators, it's just not that shocking to me. :)

Larry said...

True...anal sex has to be much more pleasurable than reading all those novels, if they contain all those qualities that annoy me so :P

Elena said...

well, for you it probably would be. both in that men supposedly find it quite pleasurable and also that you probably would not find reading the twilight books enjoyable. :)

Larry said...

I think my opinion of the series is being colored by what I've heard from feminists more than what I've heard from chauvinists, and as for the former...perhaps the act can stand as a symbol for how men/women view the subject of gender relations? :P

Elena said...

hm...i really can't think of a response to tha second comment other than "maybe so" that will not just be way too much maybe so, larry. maybe so. :)

i think the feminists do have a lot of negative things to say about the series...not sure how much has to do with the 4th one and how much is the whole set-up. reading through all that on vandermeer's site made me really think about what, specifically, i like about the books. i don't intend it to really be something that gets a comment war started, but my thoughts are at the top of my blog right now. i don't know if it would clarify anything for you or not, but it might.

Larry said...

I'll go read it in a little bit then, Elena. Thinking about eating ice cream first, just's something out there that's plain vanilla and yet good ;)

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