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Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Malazan-related news

The past couple of months have been fairly good ones for Ian Cameron Esslemont, the co-creator of the Malazan Empire setting with Steven Erikson. His second novel, Return of the Crimson Guard, was released in the UK and Canada this fall and his agent announced last week that Esslemont has signed a four-book world rights deal with Transworld (UK).

However, one bit of news that I did not see mentioned as much (okay, outside of Esslemont himself saying it in a recent interview) is that he apparently has signed a U.S. deal as well with Tor books (who also are the publishers of Erikson's novels).

How do I know this? Simple...

Check Amazon's listing for Night of Knives. Scheduled American release date is May 12, 2009. Guess that should clear up any remaining questions about whether or not Esslemont's Malazan books will be published in the U.S. or not, huh?

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