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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gimmick Infringement!

Been away from the computer most of the past few days, so I really didn't get the chance to feed the troll like I wish I could have.  I did notice the post when it appeared in the Referrals part of Sitemeter when I checked it and left a little comment, but I soon saw more discussion of it elsewhere

Now I could have been upset about being lumped together with others (I'm a special snowflake, dammit!), but instead, I'll just merely note that I'm the one who's supposed to be "reviewing the reviewers."  It's just blatant gimmick infringement and not only that, he does a poor job of doing it.  Instead of taking the opportunity to use other reviews as a means of self-evaluation and learning what problematic areas might need to be addressed, this newbie blogger just settles for complaints about money spent on a book he didn't enjoy.  The form of that complaint was rather bland and unoriginal, the execution was iffy (he has yet to provide counter-evidence to support his point, but hey, since when do such posts seek to provide debate points, right?) and the entire post might rank as a 7.5/10.

But enough troll feeding.  I have to leave for work now.  Be good...and watch out for a squirrel ninja or two.  They can go all Kung-Fu on your face in a blink of the eye, you know.


Niall Alexander said...

A 7.5? Surely you mean a 7.3, Larry; clearly it was a 7.3. Come on!

Martin said...

In what way is he a troll?

Larry said...

Only in the very vague sense of trolling for attention via searches, I suppose. I was having too much fun with all this to mean much by the term, to be honest.

And Niall, I don't do tenths of a point! I'm 'Mer'kan, dammit! None of that wussy metric/decimal crap :P

Jason said...

Well... here's something (unrelated) to brighten your day. Behold the epic battle of squirrel vs. slinky:

Mieneke said...

Arrgg, Niall you stole my comment, though I was gonna say it should have been a 7.25 at the most lol
Guess that teaches me to not fall behind on my blog reading ;)

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