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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Some things just read strange in another language, I suppose

I'm currently reading Vaporpunk:  Relatos steampun publicados sob as ordens de Suas Majestades and for the most part, I am enjoying the stories quite a bit.  However, there are a few oddities that creep up from time to time.  Things such as having a "New Albion" founded by a mixture of Aztecs and other Amerindian groups.  But the oddest was a character name, one that I found to be hilarious.

There is a military character in one story named "Major Twat."

Yes.  Major Twat.

Uncertain if that was meant to be an homage of sorts to some of the officer names in Joseph Heller's Catch-22, but it certainly brought a few chuckles whenever I would see that character's name.


Sarang said...

Much closer to "Major Asshole" in Spaceballs.

Larry said...

Well, that too. But I was thinking of General Scheisskopf (Shithead) from Heller's novel when I wrote this :P

Chad Hull said...

I forgot about Scheisskopf. I kept trying to make a connection to Major Major Major.

Larry said...

Yeah, Major Major Major was a great name as well, but not as profane as Scheisskopf...or Major Twat in this anthology!

Ernest Hogan said...

In the Mayan dialect Tzotzil the word "mis" (pronounced "Miss") means . . . well, the same as the Major's name.

Larry said...

Ha! I wonder if I should share that with the Miss then :P

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