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Thursday, October 07, 2010

More Brazilian-Portuguese FC/Vaporpunk, plus other recent arrivals

Today I received this package of four books mailed to me from Brazil.  First up will be a close reading of Vaporpunk, an original collection of steampunk fictions from Brazil and Portugal, edited by Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro and Luis Filipe Silva.  Expect a review of this sometime in the next few weeks.  In addition, I received the first three volumes of an annual anthology of Brazilian FC (Ficção Científica), Fantasy, and Horror.  These volumes are edited (variously) by Tibor Moricz, Saint-Clair Stockler, Eric Novello, and Erick Santos Cardoso.  Many of the authors in these four anthologies are on my Twitter follow list, so I am curious to see how much I enjoy their stories.  More on all of this at a later date.

Here are three recent purchases.  The first two are 1970s Ballantine Books releases that were or at least were intended to be part of the Ballantine Adult Fantasy series.  Imaginary Worlds was a non-fiction piece about the history of fantasy in the late 19th and 20th centuries and it contains some comments that might be worthy of discussion at a latter date.  And of course, when two great things, David Sedaris and squirrels, are combined together, it has to be a must-buy for me, right?

And finally, here are four publisher-sent review copies.  Uncertain when, or even if, I will manage to get to these, but perhaps someone reading this is a bit curious about these four books and would like to know more later?

That does it for now.  Looks like I have some good reading ahead for myself.


Ana Cristina Rodrigues said...


My evil scheme to avoid your critics of my poor literary skills - by not sending my book to you - has failed!

I'm now at your mercy!

(At least, I'm almost the last story in Imaginarios 3, so my turn won't come any time soon)

(Just kidding: I'm waiting to send my book with a copy of my husband's new novel)

James said...

Yeah, I saw the Sedaris in the store the other day and immediately wondered when you would be reviewing it (hence my tweet). Was worth a laugh at least, though the laughter might not have been worth the odd looks I got from the people around me.

Larry said...

Ana Cristina,

Whenever you are able to send it, I'll be eager to read it. But I'll see if I can find an easier-going reading squirrel, just in case ;)


It'll be a weekend read. I am reading maybe 30-60 minutes a day these past few weeks, with 3-5 hours on Saturday mornings/early afternoons. Now I just remembered that I'm a week late in posting my September 2010 reads, so I guess I should do that sometime soon.

Felix Gilman said...

hey Larry. If I were curious about Brazilian genre fiction, but embarrassingly monolingual, what would you recommend to me? what if anything is available in a good English translation?

Larry said...


Very good question. Sad answer is that so little is available in English at the moment. I know Fábio Fernandes and Jacques Barcia are starting to write in English and have some stories available online (and in anthologies such as Shine and Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded), but outside of that, I don't think the other Brazilian writers I've read have really had anything translated into English, minus perhaps Braulio Tavares in Cosmos Latinos, which is an anthology of Latin American fictions published a few years ago in English translation.

Felix Gilman said...

Thought that might be the case. Was wondering if there was anything novel-length. Thanks.

Tibor Moricz said...

In the second issue you'll find a short story written by me. I hope you enjoy it.

Larry said...

Planning on reading that in the next couple of days, Tibor. Just have a couple of projects to complete first.

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