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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Literary award poll

For those who read this blog via RSS feeds, just thought I'd write a quick little post to point out that I've added a new poll about recent and upcoming literary fiction awards.  One should not live by bread alone, nor would I ever dream of just reading SF/F genre fiction.  Long before I began reading speculative fiction in earnest, I was reading some excellent lit fic and I think it might be interesting if I start covering (if belatedly in some cases) lit fic award finalists as much as I cover spec fic awards.  There will be some reviews in coming weeks of said works, including Nicole Krauss' Great House, a National Book Award fiction finalist that arrived earlier today.

Are you interested at all on my thoughts on any of these award shortlists?  If so, vote in the poll to the right.  If not, I guess you could choose the final option, even though it will not dissuade me in any way from covering realist fiction that intrigues me.


Chad Hull said...

I'd much rather see reviews of books that intrigue you, regardless of genre, than books nominated for specific awards; genre or otherwise.

I'm not sure you're gonna get the feed back you're looking for considering that last sentence. A handful of people may say, "Why vote?"

Hélène said...

I agree with the previous comment. I am not familiar enough with US awards to vote but I expect to be interested in your reviews.

Larry said...


I am intrigued by several of these books anyway, so I thought I might as well explore the whole lists and see what comes of it.

As for the second part, that was just a disclaimer that people can vote their preferences, but that it's nothing more than an opinion poll and not something I'd use for a guide.

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