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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Upcoming blogging/reviewing plans

Working on several things right now, some of which are close to coming to fruition.  By Thanksgiving (just over a month from now), I hope to have accomplished most, if not all, of the following:

1)  Review all eight of the Dalkey Archive books that are sent to me as a gift, as the four I have read to date are different from the S.O.S. that too often is promoted on certain blogs.

2)  Write a review of Ann and Jeff VanderMeer's second steampunk anthology, Steampunk II:  Steampunk Reloaded, in a week or two.

3)  Write a review of the Luso-Brazilian steampunkish anthology, Vaporpunk, in the next two to three weeks.

4)  Review a 2010 release (may be a Dalkey Archive book or another) that I feel deserves more visibility on a day in which so many others will be reviewing the exact same book.  Was planning on doing this in conjunction with said book, before I changed my mind, as I outlined in a post a few days ago.

5)  Review Emma Donoghue's Room either later today or sometime during the week.

6)  Start in earnest my planned irregular series of reviews, to be called "Leatherbound Reviews" (or something akin to that), devoted to some of the nice editions of classic works that I'm collecting every now and then.  Am in the process of collecting all six volumes of the 1974 leatherbound Easton Press edition of Edward Gibbons' The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire

7)  Try to continue to resist making mocking posts about others, even if some deserve it more than what I probably deserve.  That might be the hardest goal to meet, considering who's talking now...

Oh, and a couple of delayed but still-promised reviews will be slotted in very shortly, as despite the delays (I don't like to read/review books when I'm at lulls in my reading time, as I fear that would prejudice me against a work unnecessarily) I still have every intention of reviewing them as I can find the time.

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