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Friday, December 21, 2007

Links to other Best of Year lists

I've been meaning to post these for a while now, but I've been quite sick the past two weeks. Regardless, there might be something for most everyone here (and considering that barely 50% of the readers here have epic fantasy as their #1 choice, the variety in these lists might appeal to them as well):

Kirkus Reviews has their Best Fiction of 2007 list ready. One of those was David Anthony Durham's opener to his Acacia trilogy.

SFF World has the first half (fantasy) of their Best of 2007 lists, drawn from a half-dozen bloggers as well as two of their Admins. Although this part is epic fantasy-heavy, there are some quality reads on this one.

Fantasy Magazine, affiliated with Prime Books, has a very nice list up, including titles from Durham, Dan Simmons, and Elizabeth Hand (who'll be the subject of a related post next week here).

Aqeduct Press's blog, which concentrates on feminist fiction, has a series of Best of 2007 lists by many prominent spec fic authors and critics. Cat Rambo, Nicola Griffith, Cheryl Morgan, and Cynthia Ward are but four of the women represented here.

Pat's Fantasy Hotlist has Pat's Top 10 of 2007.

Neth Space has a Top 11 2007 Reads (not necessarily 2007 releases) by a colleague of mine at wotmania, Neth/kcf.

The Bodhisattva has had its list up for around a month now, but I've been slack in linking to Jay Tomio's list until now. Some good stuff on it.

Although doubtless I've missed a great many lists, hopefully these can serve as a starting point for consideration for new purchases, if my own list isn't deemed worthy enough of consideration!

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