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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Two more articles on "worldbuilding"

I remember near the beginning of the year when M. John Harrison posted a blog entry called "Very Afraid," in which he talked of the "clodding foot of nerdism" in reference to a certain type of fantasy fiction. Although I mostly agreed with his comments, I posted a link to his blog to see what others at Westeros and wotmania would make of it. To say there was a vociferous disagreement would be an understatement. There were a few pieces said here and there on the blogosphere, of course, the usual arguing akin to that of dogs over a meaty bone recently discovered.

It is now late December. Harrison has closed down his blog for the most part, but I see he posted an extensive article back on the 21st in which he outlines his position in a much greater detail than before. Whether or not you agree with him (again, I mostly do), it is well worth the time it'll take to read it (it's quite a few thousand words long).

The second link I have is to a brief interview that Canadian author Caitlin Sweet did with renowned artist John Howe. Although she submitted this back in October, it was not "live" until a week or so ago. In it, she discusses her frustrations with her attempts to write a third novel and her resolutions, some of which get at the heart of the "worldbuilding" issue for me: If you become so meticulous and devoted to crafting something that the "life" and "magic" of the writing/reading experience is drained from it, have you really "created" something of worth, or have you just ordered others' imaginations like a puppeteer does in a puppet show?


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