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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Query for the readers here

Sorry for the relative silence here, but I'm again a bit busy with other facets of my life (good things, mostly, even if I'm going to be having dental surgery later this month to have a wisdom tooth removed that's nowhere near fully emerged). But I did have this little thought before I was about to go to bed, so I thought I'd ask it here, just to see what the responses are:

I've mentioned in some form or fashion several hundred books over nearly five years here (5th anniversary of this blog is on August 25th, by the way). Some I've waxed poetic about; others were just a picture and a very brief comment. But perhaps there was a book or two, regardless of the manner in which I discussed it, that tickled your fancy. Perhaps there were a few books that you ended up loving. Perhaps...perhaps.

So...what book or books have you tried due (mostly? in part?) to my comments here? Did you like it/them? Why or why not?

And to make it more interesting: What book do you think I need to read (or re-read)? Why so?


Anonymous said...

I recently picked up and read Last Days by Brian Evenson and Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I really enjoyed both of them for completely different reasons. Thanks for the recommendations!


Anonymous said...

I don't know if it was from here or the OF board but: Perdido Street Station.

Also: Last Dragon. And probably a half dozen others.


Unknown said...

Hi Larry,
I've been a regular visitor to your blog since mid-June, although this is my first time commenting. So far, I've read (and enjoyed) 3 books on account of your reviews and recommendations: Shadowbridge, Viriconium, and Arc d'X. I found both Viriconium and Arc d'X to be challenging reads but I liked the way they made me think about reality, history, and memory. You've also inspired me to buy several more books that I have yet to read.
As for my recommendations to you, I think you should check out The Ice Shirt by William Vollmann. It's a semi-historical novel that explores the collision of the Vikings with the New World and its aftermath. Vollmann incorporates elements of Norse mythology and the Icelandic saga as well as modern day journalism and travel writing. I'd also be thrilled if you re-read and reviewed Arc d'X, since I'd certainly benefit from another's perspective on it.

James said...

While I tend to get interested in a novel through entirely random means*, I do tend to consult your blog if I have seen you mention the author/book before or if I think you may have. I did pick up The Shadow of the Wind because of the coverage it receives on this blog and I tried VanderMeer based on the coverage here as well.

Then there was the string of anthology reviews you were doing a while back. Though I don't remember if Paper Cities was reviewed, its place on the list caught my attention. This was both fortunate and unfortunate. I discovered Jay Lake and his City Imperishable, which I really enjoy because of that book. Unfortunately that was one of the few in the book worth reading. I am still trying to weigh whether it was worth it. :P

*The most recent being found by stumbling upon Underland Press. Brian Evenson will be purchased as soon as possible (the excerpt, your review, and another review convinced me it was a definite to-read). The other was The Pilo Family Circus by Will Elliot, but after doing a search I saw only plans to read it, but no comments afterward.

Your blog has definitely exposed me to a lot of books I would have otherwise either never heard of or never paid any attention to. Still slow going getting around to the books you tend to recommend though, so I haven't much to list.

MatsVS said...

Apologies for the brief reply, but it's five in the morning here, and I need to get some sleep. Anyways, here's a list of authors you've exposed me to:

M. John Harrison
China Mieville
Jorge Luis Borges
Roberto Bolano
Jeff Vandermeer

Most of the other authors you champion on a regular basis I was already familliar with, but these were new to me. Known, but new, if that makes sense.

Again, apologies for not taking the time to formulate a more thorough reply, but sleep beckons. Insistently.

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