The OF Blog: I just found out I am a finalist for a Last Drink Bird Head Award

Monday, September 20, 2010

I just found out I am a finalist for a Last Drink Bird Head Award

I just learned from Jeff VanderMeer that I have been chosen as one of four finalists for the International Activism part of the Last Drink Bird Head Awards that he and his wife Ann set up last year to honor people who have enriched the lives of others through their efforts in diverse ways.  It is a great honor, because these awards are not as much about the people themselves, but what they do to help others and that means much more to me than any recognition I could have ever received for mere words.

But the other finalists are excellent.  Familiar with some, but not all of the ones listed below.  What I do know is that there's been a lot of great work done over the past few years promoting non-Anglo-American spec fic for English-reading audiences and that those reading this post do need to check out these fine people and their own outstanding efforts to promote global spec fic:

Charles Tan (for Bibliophile Stalker and The World SF Blog)
- Lavie Tidhar (for The World SF Blog)
- Yan Wu, Guangyi Li, and Nathaniel Isaacson (for Chinese Sci Fi )

 And be sure to click on the first link to see the excellent finalists for these fine awards, which will be announced October 16 in Washington, D.C. at Capclave.


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Thanks, and of course, congrats to you as well, Charles :D

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