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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Bankrupt Redundancy of Outrage

So while I was busy starting a new grading period at work, apparently there was some outrage about this piece on "bankrupt nihilism."  At first, I just dismissed it with nary a thought; it is based on hearsay and some rather odd conclusions, but then I stopped for a moment to consider the reactions to that piece.  Why would there be so many vociferous oppositions to a piece that merely reflects the opinions of a likely sizable percentage of casual epic/heroic fantasy readers who prefer things kept in a sort of stasis since the time Tolkien's last pipe was smoked?

Seems to me that rather than getting outraged yet once again because someone, ill-informed and ill-read or not, speaks disdainfully of current trends in a subgenre whose online fanbase seems to live for such controversies, it might make more sense to just shrug, consider for a moment if the arguments presented have any merit and/or evidence, and then move on down the road.  Not worth spending more than a couple of paragraphs on in any case, I believe, unless you want to relive your outrage over and over again whenever someone presents a dissenting opinion.


James said...

The community is a little slow to respond to this, aren't they? Beyond seeing a thread put up on Westeros over the weekend, the first signs of outrage seems to have only appeared this morning. Wait... did Pat post about it this morning?

I checked out the article when it hit Westeros on Sunday afternoon and it did not take long before I gave up and started skimming. So far as I can tell, the guy isn't saying anything I haven't read from countless Amazon reviews. Thing is, the Amazon reviews are more entertaining, far shorter, and don't tend to drudge up pointless controversy beyond a handful of comments from both those in agreement and those vehemently denouncing the reviewers opinion.

I could try to summon up some sort of "Hulk Smash!" rage, but what is the point of that? I look at the article and it is just some bitter reader, angry that fantasy isn't black and white and glittery as he thought it was. It is the same sort of person I have seen on forums and blogs since I stumbled into this genre seven years ago. At this point, I just look at their ramblings with a hint of sadness and go about my business.

I am disappointed that this had managed to summon up a shitstorm of any size. The best of those come with a standard amount of entertainment... this article, this subject, fails to bring any to the table.

And really, since when do we take anyone who mentions "college-educated liberals" as a part of his argument seriously?

Matt said...

Sure, but couldn't we say the same thing about your endless posts indicating contempt for the current state of blogging? Can't you just shrug your shoulders that you don't like most of it and then move on, doing what you do best?

At this point we get your disdain for "the community." Much of it is justified but in the end you're beating a horse as much as anyone else does.

Lsrry said...

Well, Matt, considering most of what I've posted the past couple of months, I pretty have moved on. I guess the "endless" bit is an exaggeration based on some peeve struck?

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