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Friday, November 02, 2012

Mein Poni Kampf: Or an e-book I challenge other bloggers to read/review

Earlier today on Twitter I was made aware of the existence of this self-published mash-up of My Little Pony and the National Socialist German Workers Party.  This e-book, entitled Mein Poni-Kampf is just begging to be reviewed, but alas, I do not have the time nor the requisite snark to do so this month (I do have 28 more reviews to write, mostly of books already read earlier this year).  Therefore, I am pulling out the dread "double dog dare" challenge and double-dog daring at least one of these reviewers to read the e-book and write a review of it:

Paul C. Smith
Ken from Neth Space
Aidan Moher from A Dribble of Ink
Justin Landon from Staffer's Book Reviews
William Shatner
Joe Piscopo
Rob Bedford of SFF World/Rob's Blog o'Stuff
James Oliver of whatever pretentious blog he may be slacking on now
Kim Kardashian
And the resident blogger bronie, Jonathan McCalmont

I am eagerly awaiting at least one review from these people, or if you feel intrepid, you can buy the e-book here and email me a review and I'll post it, with full credit.  You know you wanna...

Edit:  I recorded the first two minutes of the first chapter, in case you wanted to get the full effect of the scintillating prose.  Might record more from the free sample later on...if people (including myself) don't die first.

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