The OF Blog: A panoramic look at three bookcases

Monday, February 18, 2013

A panoramic look at three bookcases

Started work last night on moving bookcases around in preparation for two large solid wood bookcases (which are currently on order) to be added.  Thought I would try out my new iPhone 5's panoramic picture option and this is the slightly-warped look that occurred.  Makes me wish I could have convex bookshelves...

If you want to read the titles on the spine, click on the image to enlarge it.


Hélène said...

I can't read the titles but the horizontal ones, up right, are French MMPP, are'nt they?
I'm familiar with that "double" way of stacking books on shelves ;-) It makes for an interesting game of hide-and-seek when looking for a title.

Lsrry said...

Yes, those are indeed French MMPBs, including Dumas' La dame de Monsoreau and Gide's Les Faux Monnayeurs, among others. I just haven't found a place to properly shelve them yet, as I'm waiting the arrival (likely in the next month) of new, larger bookcases. I usually stack on the floor or on top of the smaller bookcases the books I haven't yet shelved, because several of the bookcases are too narrow for double stacking.

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