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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Library of America's American Poets Project

Realized this weekend when I was reshelving my Library of America books that I had forgotten to list the volumes that I own in their American Poets Project.  This ancillary series contains selections of poets, including introductory essays written by the volumes' editors that explain the context of the poems and the reasons why certain poems were selected over others, from all walks of American life over the past few centuries.  Below are the volumes currently available, with bold being books I've read, italics for unread books that I own, and plain for books I've yet to buy:

1.  Edna St. Vincent Millay:  Selected Poems
2.  Poets of World War II
3.  Karl Shapiro:  Selected Poems
4.  Walt Whitman:  Selected Poems
5.  Edgar Allan Poe:  Poems and Poetics
6.  Yvor Winters:  Selected Poems
7.  American Wits:  An Anthology of Light Verse
8.  Kenneth Fearing:  Selected Poems
9.  Muriel Rukeyser:  Selected Poems
10.  John Greenleaf Whittier:  Selected Poems
11.  John Berryman:  Selected Poems
12.  Amy Lowell:  Selected Poems
13.  William Carlos Williams:  Selected Poems
14.  Poets of the Civil War
15.  Theodore Roethke:  Selected Poems
16.  Emma Lazarus:  Selected Poems
17.  Samuel Menashe:  New and Selected Poems
18.  Edith Wharton:  Selected Poems
19.  The Essential Gwendolyn Brooks
20.  A.R. Ammons:  Selected Poems
21.  Cole Porter:  Selected Lyrics
22.  Louis Zukofsky:  Selected Poems
23.  Carl Sandburg:  Selected Poems
24.  Kenneth Koch:  Selected Poems
25.  American Sonnets
26.  Anne Stevenson:  Selected Poems
27.  James Agee:  Selected Poems
28.  Poems from the Women's Movement
29.  Ira Gershwin:  Selected Lyrics
30.  Stephen Foster & Co.:  Lyrics of the First Great American Songs
31.  Stephen Crane:  Complete Poems
32.  Countee Cullen:  Collected Poems

Own 10/32, so not too bad so far.  A bit cheaper (usually $20 or less new) to acquire than the main LoA series, so I might complete this one first, considering my enduring love for poetry in its multitude of forms.  How many of these have you read in these volumes?  Thoughts on their quality/content?

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