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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I think I buy too many books, sometimes

There really isn't all that much enjoyment out of it, unless it is the occasional trip to a used bookstore, where I actually wander around and look at books.  I haven't done a full count in years, but doubtless the number is over 2000, if I count the 700 or so e-books that I own (or maybe it's closer to 3000 if I do?).  While I don't fret about unread books like some do, I just find myself thinking that I need to get rid of some books and not buy anymore so.

So, I think one of the things that I'll give up for Lent (yes, I am a practicing Catholic for those who didn't know) this year is buying books.  So after a couple of March 4 releases ship, I'll not order anything until late April (and the same will apply for buying used books).  Curious to see what this will do to my reading habits.  Not that I've been reading much these past three weeks.  I think I've only finished one book in the past two weeks, as I'm busy doing a word-by-word translation of two novels and those will take a few more months at least to complete, but perhaps I'll add something more worthwhile to the reading queue during Lent:  Latin (and maybe Greek, which I don't understand very well) and a handful of contemporary translations of lectionary readings.  Not that I'll be reviewing these here (or would some want me to write commentaries on religious readings?), but it should make for a nice change of pace.

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Anonymous said...

I suffered from buying physical books that I eneded up never reading nor having a passing interest in. Thus leading to a lot of wasted space and more of a chance that my house would burn down. It was a problem.

I decided to get rid of most of my books and keep only the important ones to me in physical form. Now, I slowly buy them on my Kindle or rent them from the library. This method saves a lot of money in the long run.

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