The OF Blog: (Mostly) Non-SF blogger endorses PC self-censorship of certain SFWA writers

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

(Mostly) Non-SF blogger endorses PC self-censorship of certain SFWA writers

Cover Letter 
The OF Blog Chief Editor Larry is about to institute a politically correct form of self-censorship for The OF Blog.  Non-attached (and not below) is a petition that I myself have crafted supporting this self-censorship.  It does not include any of the email exchanges between me, myself, and I, along with none of my self-commentary.  I showed this to a rabid squirrel who asked if he could pass rabies on to a few unlike-minded people who signed some other petition.  I of course agreed.  
What began as an article is now a petition to halt the anti-batshit insanity of myself.  We are just beginning to seek out further signatories for rabies infection and I hope you will agree with our goal, enough to sign on to the petition.

The first four names at the bottom of the document not posted are Enrico Palazzo, Basil Marceaux, Ross Perot, and Jethro Q. Walrustitty.  Jethro Q. Walrustitty has asked that I add that he believes this to be an important silly issue and hopes you will sign.

I hope you will agree with us and add your nameto theirs, but if not I certainly understand.

That's around the appropriate level of gravitas that such tripe as this deserves.  But on a serious note, it is nice to see which SF writers not to read, at least for a good long while.  Pity that Gene Wolfe is one of them, but I've felt little desire to read his latest works after the mediocre offerings of the past few years.  And this concludes my brief thoughts on the latest SFWA-related round of silliness.


Anonymous said...

It does seem all rather silly, this paranoid, knee jerk reaction and 1st amendment watchamecallits. But not reading a writer because you don't agree with them? I don't get that and never have.

Nearly Headless Ned.

Lsrry said...

Even though I said "serious" in that last paragraph, that too is meant to be a (slight) exaggeration: most of those writers have never interested me, apart from Wolfe and some (a little?) Silverberg. My reading interests lie elsewhere and I thought that in order to make the parodic title fit with the altered letter that I would add a rhetorical bit of hand waving about. But the truth is that even if their names were not associated with it, I'd have little interest in reading their works, or at least any recent ones that might come out.

And if I were so inclined, I'd link to this strange Facebook discussion in which David Brin is coming off rather poorly, at least to myself and a few others.

srs said...

So... someone who is not currently a member of a private organization is complaining about practices of said private organization and invoking the First Amendment concerns about a non-government entity. Err... umm... what? (<-- this is also the same reaction I have to anyone trying to convince me to pay attention to the Kardashians...)

Shame about Brin - he was one of my favorite authors when I was a teenager.

And I intend to start a petition about the Girl Scouts not giving me cookies for free.

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